The Royal Australian Navy is one of the most sophisticated and capable naval forces in the Pacific region, with a significant and continuing presence in the three oceans that surround Australia. The Navy has a worldwide reach in support of Australia’s military and diplomatic commitments overseas.

As the Royal Australian Navy enters its second century, Australians can remain confident that their Navy possess the capabilities to successfully preserve and defend our maritime interests, and will have continued success in all of its worldwide operations, military campaigns and peacekeeping missions.


Navy OUTLOOK is designed to communicate the Royal Australian Navy’s current and future plans, programs and budgetary needs. The publication is targeted at decision-makers throughout the defence and maritime industries. It also addresses policymakers in Canberra on the current condition of the senior service – enabling them to make more informed judgements on decisions that profoundly affect the development of the Royal Australian Navy.

Navy OUTLOOK delivers vital information to professionals in the military, government and industry. Covering programs, budgets and issues across every community in the Navy, the publication is an essential reference tool for anyone in the business of managing or supplying to the Royal Australian Navy.

Written by subject-matter experts and featuring interviews with Navy leadership, Navy OUTLOOK provides a top-down, panoramic view of the Navy from the perspective of the individuals shaping its future.

From the ‘Year in Review’, to in-depth reports on the Navy’s shipbuilding enterprise plan, and its continuous shipbuilding program, to new capabilities, ship upgrades, latest defence technologies, training, operations and deployments, Navy OUTLOOK details the major programs and initiatives the Royal Australian Navy is undertaking.

The publication will be perfect bound, glossy, and produced to the highest quality, using the latest digital technology to combine designer page layouts and eye-catching photography.

As the Royal Australian Navy enters its second century, Australians can remain confident that their Navy possess the capabilities to successfully preserve and defend our maritime interests, and will have continued success in all of its worldwide operations, military campaigns and peacekeeping missions.


Editorial synopsis to be announced.


  • Opening Interview – VADM Mike Noonan – Chief of Navy

Special Opening Section 

  • Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference 2019 – The Maritime Domain of the Indo-Pacific in the 21st Century
Indo-Pacific – Exercise of Power – written by James Goldrick, RADM retired
  • How maritime power shapes the Indo-pacific? Relationships that are formed with other countries in the region through naval engagement, exercises and partnerships, and the evolution of regional strategic architecture.
  • Partnerships and trust as essential elements of the maritime environment – a history of Australia and New Zealand as partners in the South West Pacific, in South East Asia, and the Indian Ocean.
  • Australian maritime power as an element of national power.
Sea power and the fourth industrial revolution – written by James Goldrick, RADM retired
  • What will a national naval enterprise need to be effective, efficient and competitive during and after the fourth industrial revolution?
  • What are the opportunities to improve and gain military and commercial advantage?
Senior Enlisted Leadership Conference – Friendship, Partnership, Leadership
  • Interview: Warrant Officer of the Navy
  • The importance and significance to the Navy of the enlisted ranks and the Warrant Officers and their impact to the operations of the fleet.

Special Features

  • Plan Pelorus – Navy’s new strategy – What makes a modern leader? – includes RADM Mark Hammond, Deputy Chief of Navy.
  • Fulfilling Navy’s personnel shortage and recruitment. Skilling the construction workforce, and up-skilling the current personnel of the Navy – includes Commodore Anthony Klenthis, Director General Future Workforce.
  • EX Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 – In-depth review of the all the exercises, port visits, cultural visits and the important diplomacy attached to the exercise including the visits to India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia – includes CAPT Andrew Quinn, Commander, Australian Maritime Task Group.
  • Talisman Sabre 2019 – includes CAPT Paul O’Grady, Commander, Australian Task Group.
  • Ex Pacific Vanguard – Working with the UK, France and the US in the Pacific and Indian Oceans – includes RADM Jonathan Mead, Fleet Commander.
  • The importance of submarines in the Indo-Pacific region – Proliferation of submarines, both nuclear & diesel, and what Australia is doing to counter the threat.  An insight into filling the capability gap with the Collins class – includes Commodore Tim Brown, Director General Submarines.
  • Naval Shipbuilding ProgramThe joined-up Navy – blending submarines, surface ships, aircraft and shore assets in a single, seamless and flexible organisation – What is a balanced fleet? – includes RADM Peter Quinn, Head Navy Capability, and Commodore Dave Mann.
  • Upgrading the ANZACs and keeping them relevant for another 15-20 years
  • Sustainment, Maintenance and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of the current and future fleet – includes RADM Colin Lawrence, Head Navy Engineering.
  • Special Focus: Minehunters – includes Commodore Chris Smith, Director General Littoral.
    • Huon upgrades.
    • Bringing forward SEA 1905.
    • Using autonomous vehicles and drones for minehunting in the future – includes CMDR Paul Hornsby.
    • Multi-National Navy Mine Warfare Exercise 2018 (MNMIWEX) – includes CAPT Bryan Parker, Commander Minehunter program.
New Technology and the future Navy
  • 822X Squadron – Drones – includes CMDR Mick Rainey, Commanding Officer 822X Squadron.
  • MH-60R helicopter – the return of the dipping sonar – includes Commodore Don Dezentje, Commander Fleet Air Arm.
  • EX Autonomous Warrior 2018 – What were the outcomes for Navy? How will this shape future capability?  – includes CMDR Paul Hornsby.
  • Innovation in the RAN – how the service is keeping ahead of the threat and the technology curve – Navy Innovation Hub – includes CAPT Adam Allica.




Navy, ADF and Government

• All Navy personnel (Officers and Enlisted)
• Government leaders and members of the Commonwealth Parliament including the offices of the Prime Minister, Minister for Defence, and the Minister for Defence Materiel.
• Senior personnel throughout the ADF including the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST), and the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG).

Private Sector

• Senior executives from prime & sub contractors to the Royal Australian Navy.
• Project managers for major contracts.
• Executive management at the top defence firms.



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